Skillfully Handcrafted Sculptures of Brass & Copper


Skillfully Handcrafted Sculptures Made of Brass and Copper ~ Beautifully Designed For Your Enjoyment

About Max

Max Howard Copper and Brass Sculpture Specialist

Max Howard’s love and knowledge of sculpting is truly a blend of trade and gifted talent. With training in metals and welding from a steel construction career, Max began creating interesting works of art in his spare time. Recognizing Max’s talent, his wife, Jolynn, encouraged him to enter his sculptures into a local art show. His sculptures were immediately embraced by the art community and demand for his work quickly spread. Max Howard sculptures are now found in homes, galleries and corporate locations throughout the world.

Renowned for his ability to capture the intricate delicacy of nature and delightfulness of whimsy through metal, Max continues to amaze patrons and admirers alike. Max embodies a personal commitment to both art and principle; therefore, each Max Howard sculpture is known for its unique design as well as quality workmanship.

Today, Max and Jolynn delight in both art and family from their lovely home in Huntersville, NC. As an artist, Max continues to enhance the beauty of homes and gardens with his unique creations. As proud parents and grandparents, they both enjoy visits from their children and eight grandchildren: Lillian, Charlotte, Rose, Henry, Max, Ricky, Danny and Vivian.

Qualities Of Handcrafted Sculptures

Max Howard’s sculptures originate through the gifts of creativity and talent. His sculptures are created to honor those gifts. Max is rewarded by the appreciation shown on the faces of those who enjoy viewing his work and by many proud owners.
Copper and Brass Sculptures by Max Howard
Max Howard has always been recognized for his unique designs and quality workmanship. Attention to detail is apparent in each sculpture. With no formal art training, Max has continued to intrigue his admirers for over forty years.

Max takes great pride in using only top quality solid brass and solid copper to make his sculptures. The metal is hand cut and hand formed using different tools, torches and acids to create his designs and colors. Each sculpture has a clear protective finish and only an occasional feather dusting is needed to maintain the original appearance.

Colors/patinas may vary slightly as they are sometimes affected by temperature and humidity. Sizes may also vary as each sculpture is individually handmade, not mass produced. This all guarantees each sculpture to be a “one of a kind”. For more information about sculptures, please contact us at (704) 875-1065 or email us at mhstudio@bellsouth.net. Thank you for your interest.

Artist Statement – Max Howard

Growing up in rural North Carolina, the woods and the river were my playground. I seized every opportunity to explore them and imagined them to be undiscovered territory. Fueled by curiosity, my imagination landed me in some mildly dangerous, mostly mischievous, but always fun adventures. Little did I know that these adventures were then an unknown part of the career I was to have. Collecting scrap wood and tin to build my own boats and tree houses, jumping off rocks and ropes into the river, finding just the right spot to make a perfect campsite and always wishing to be able to fly are just some of the boyhood experiences that have inspired me to create sculptures of nature and whimsy.

In 1965, I began industrial steel welding, learning from my father. At the time I acquired certification, I was the youngest certified welder in North Carolina. I have since discovered that copper is my metal of choice, but I also work with brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel and titanium. Many techniques are used to form my sculptures. I cut, burn, twist, pour, grind, polish, temper, age, hammer, oxidize, roll, brake, hand form, weld and braze at one point or another. Colors and patinas are obtained by the heat of different torches and by oxidation processes. Motion is a very important part of my sculptures. Some sculptures actually move, such as water sculptures with dippers and waterwheels and also hot air balloons that gently sway in a breeze or look as if they’re floating.

I enjoy creating sculptures. A new idea will not be still in my mind. I can see the sculpture completed before it’s started. Transforming a piece of hard cold flat metal from an idea I have into reality brings great satisfaction, but I equally enjoy seeing the fun smiles on people’s faces as they view my work. I am also greatly appreciative of the numerous awards received over the course of my forty year art career.

Thoughts of retiring have been dismissed as I find I can’t lay down the torch for very long. I still visualize too many sculptures that I want to create.


  • Bob Hope – Golf sculpture presented to Mr. Hope during a Charlotte visit, 1971.
  • Charlotte Chamber of Commerce – Award sculptures for firms investing million plus dollars in new buildings in Charlotte, 1971, presented by U S Secretary of Commerce, Maurice Stans.
  • Charlotte, NC Symphony – Award sculptures presented to chairmen of Charlotte Symphony, Board of Directors.
  • Duke Power
  • First Union National Bank
  • Heyward Corporation
  • Rex Hospital Chapel
  • Wrenn Corporation
  • Marriott Corporation
  • NBC
  • RJ Reynolds
  • Showmars Restaurants
  • Charlotte Center City Partners

Letters of Recognition:

  • Bob Hope
  • Senator Strom Thurmond

Thank you for your interest in our 40 years of award winning work.