Jan 112011

Hot Air Balloon (Hanging) (24″h x 10″w) (Copper/Glass)

Hot Air Balloon (Hanging) TableColor your world with this exciting hanging balloon. A hand formed copper basket is ready to take you for an imaginary ride. A ladder, twisted ropes, weights and bright red flags make this artistic sculpture a delightful addition to your room. Many color choices await your decision. Hand blown glass artist, Loretta Eby.  

Hot Air Balloon (Lift Off) (36″h x 10″w)(Copper/Glass)

Hot Air Balloon (Lift Off) TableWhoa! This hot air balloon is about to lift off without someone. Holding onto a rope, a little gentleman tries to keep it on the ground. Colorful glass balloon choices make this a fun work of art custom made just for you. Hand blown glass artist, Loretta Eby.

Hot Air Balloon (Windblown)(36″h x 20″w) (Copper/Glass)

Hot Air Balloon (Windblown) TableOur balloon color optionsCatch it before it floats away! Holding on to a rope, a little gentleman seems to be successful at keeping this whimsical balloon from drifting into the sky. This exciting sculpture will slightly move if placed around a gentle breeze. This motion is a delightful addition to an already fantastic work of art. The Windblown Balloon comes in two separate pieces. The sculpture has a rod on the bottom that fits into the top of the rock. Multiple glass balloon colors are available for a custom look. Hand blown glass artist, Loretta Eby.

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