Jan 112011

Copper Fountain, Small (48″h x 20″w) (Copper)

Copper Fountain (Small)This small copper fountain will be an interesting and soothing addition to your home or covered porch. Water is pumped upward, then flows from the top of the fountain, down the spillways and over a waterwheel. Two added plant rings will hold plants of your choice. Change plants with seasons and enjoy a new look each time. The balanced waterwheel has teflon bearings that totally eliminate squeeking. All fountains are pretested and will arrive ready to be filled with water and plugged into a 110 outlet.     Also available in LARGE SIZE. (72″h x 20″w) (Two waterwheels) (3 Plant rings)               (LARGE SIZE  arrives motor freight) (No picture)

Contemporary Fountain, (72″h x 15″w)(Copper)

Contemporary FountainRelax to the soothing sound of trickling water. Pumped to the top of the fountain through copper tubing, the water cascades down the spillways. Two waterwheels are included in this fountain and will surely capture your attention. The water basin is removable for cleaning and adding water. This tall, slender fountain is so attractive and will create a tranquil atmosphere to any decor. Solid copper. Pretested, ready to be filled with water and plugged into a 110 outlet. (Arrives motor freight)

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