Jan 082011

Blue Iris Table Sculpture (24″h x 12″w) (Titanium/Brass)

Blue Iris Table Sculpture (Large)This exquisite Iris sculpture will surely capture your attention and admiration. Titanium is hand cut and formed to create two colorful blue Iris with a bud growing nearby. These beautiful flowers are arranged among sculpted oxidized brass leaves and mounted in a natural burlwood base. An occasional feather dusting is all that is needed to maintain its original beauty.

Red Iris Table Sculptures, Large (24″h x 12″w)(Copper/Brass) Small (18″h x 8″w) (Copper/Brass)

Red Iris Table Sculpture (Small)Red Iris Table Sculpture (Large)An arrangement of red copper Iris and oxidized brass leaves make these sculptures a stunning addition to your home or office. The Iris are hand cut and heated with a torch to produce their vivid color. Acids are used to produce the soft green patina on the leaves. The Iris are secured in a  natural burlwood base and only an occasional feather dusting will maintain the appearance of these long lasting flowers.

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