Jan 102011

Heron Preening, Large (33″h x 16″w) (Copper/Brass)

Heron Preening Cattails Large WallThis tall graceful heron sculpture will make a bold statement wherever it is placed in your home. The heron is hand cut from copper sheeting. It is lightly heated with a torch to create an array of color. Tall oxidized cattails carefully arranged around the heron will sway gently if a breeze is available. Oxidized lily pads surround the base of the sculpture to complete an outstanding work of art. Substitute seaoats for cattails (shown) and create a coastal wall sculpture bound to be the focal point in your beach house. Custom sizing is available.

Heron Preening, Small (24″h x 13″w) (Copper/Brass)

This beautiful heron and cattail sculpture would be a lovely addition in any home. The smaller of the Heron Preening sculptures, it is made of solid copper. Cattails and lily pads are oxidized to complete a realistic scene. You also have the option to substitute seaoats for the cattails and turn this sculpture into a stunning coastal wall piece. Custom sizing available.

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