Jan 112011

Weeping Willow Branch (28″h x 48″w) (Copper/Oxidized)

Weeping Willow Branch WallThe Weeping Willlow Branch has a very delicate appearance. A graceful, long flowing  branch has been hand-formed from solid copper. Solid brass leaves are gently bent and twisted for a natural look.  They are creatively arranged on the branch giving this sculpture a fluffy, airy feeling.  This design is shown with soft oxidized leaves.  It is also available with all brass leaves giving you another beautiful look. Custom sizing is available.

Windblown Willow (Right) (28″h x 48″w) (Copper/Oxidized)

Windblown Willow (Right shown) WallYou can almost feel the wind blowing as you look at this attractive willow branch. Small oxidized brass leaves are delicately arranged to create a windswept appearance. A hand formed solid copper branch holds each leaf tightly and completes this beautiful sculpture. This “Windblown Willow” (showing oxidized leaves) can also be made with all brass leaves. Another option would be to order this sculpture facing towards the left. Custom sizing available.

Windblown Willow (Left & Right) (28″h x 96″w) (Copper/Oxidized)

Windblown Willow Left and RightThis exquisite design is a combination of the “Windblown Willow” blowing right and the “Windblown Willow” blowing left. Solid brass leaves, slightly bent for a wispy effect, are oxidized in a soft green patina (shown). They are carefully arranged on hand formed solid copper branches that are gently bowed and curved creating a light and airy windblown appearance. This sculpture is also available with all brass leaves. Custom sizing available.

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